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Durable Inflatable Rubber Bladder balloon used for construction
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Durable Inflatable Rubber Bladder balloon used for construction

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Culvert construction Pneumatic Balloons  Rubber Inflated Mandrel
Rubber inflatable balloon is polymer composite materials processing product, it is the use of high-strength synthetic fiber fabrics withstand the force skeleton, inside and outside the vulcanized synthetic rubber adhesive protective layer of tape to do, according to the design dimensions of a high temperature curing process made specifications, more size, more pressure rubber inflatable balloon shapes, depending on the size of the bridge, gutter size, tunnel size, inflatable pressure reaches the standard post-tensioned concrete pre-casting project tensioned beams, the initial  setting of concrete grade to be after drain rubber inflatable balloon gas,  pulled out after the rubber inflatable balloon, scrub clean after storage, until the nextre-use, with a high compressive strength, good flexibility, strong tightness,  and used repeatedly, is a new lower cost bridge construction,  water conservancy,  the tunnel project costs,  and increase the speed of the amount of pre-engineering concrete products supporting products.


Culvert Rubber Balloon Usage :
inflatable rubber mandrel is usually used in reinforced concrete members, bridge construction, irrigation works and tunnels,such as stake, roof, roof board column, beam, building, water conservancy project(shipyards, slipway, dock).




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