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Boat berthing EVA foam filled boat fender
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Boat berthing EVA foam filled boat fender


Foam filled fender is a kind of constructive fender with polyurea materials as its outer protective layer and polyurethane foam core forming the resilient inner part.
The foam filled fenders are constructed of three parts each providing an important function in the construction and lifespan of the fender. The three parts are (1) The closed cell polyurethane foam. (2) Outer nylon cord fabrics. (3) Polyurea spraying coat.
(1) Foam Core
The closed cell polyurethane foam core used inside offers un-sink ability during operation.

(2) Outer Nylon Cord Fabrics
The outer nylon cord fabrics is specifically designed to seal polyurethane foam inside ability during operation.

(3) Polyurea Spraying Coating
Polyurea coating is permanent spray on coatings that protect the surface of fender body. It is more durable than rubber and flexible in all weather conditions: no softening in heat or becoming brittle in cold. Dent, scratch and chemical resistant.





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