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0.05Mpa Pneumatic Rubber Blocks Fenders Used For Vessel
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0.05Mpa Pneumatic Rubber Blocks Fenders Used For Vessel

Pneumatic rubber fender is a leading anti-collision device for marine application in the world today. These compressed air fenders serve as protective medium against collision during ship-to-ship contact (STS) and ship-to-berthing (STB). Pneumatic fenders can be delivered in various sizes and types. Chain and tyre net type is usually recommened to protect the fender body, but sling type or body only is also available.

Fender types:
1.Net-type fender:  fenders which are covered by tire chain net, each end shall be linked together with one to two ring(s).     
2.Sling-type fender: fenders which are designed to be used without a protection net.

Structure of Pneumatic rubber fender



1.Outer Rubber Layer Rubber layer which covers the outside of the fender to protect the cord layers and the inner liner rubber from abrasion and other external forces.

2.Tyre-cord Layers Tyre-cord layers are made of synthetic-tyre-cord fabric which maintains the internal air pressure of the fender.

3. Inner Rubber Layer The inner rubber layers are used to keep the air inside, avoid air leakage, it's the key to fenders' airtightness.




1. High energy absorption and with a low reaction force

2. Light weight, portable and floatable, can be installed and replaced easily

3. Heavy duty and long service life-over 10 years

4. Supplied as sling type (body only) or with chain and tire net for protection of the fender body

5. Sizes from 0.5m diameter × 1.0m length up to 4.5m diameter × 9m length

6. Suitable for locations with large and small tidal differences


Specification of marine rubber fender

Initial internal pressure:

 1.Pneumatic fender 50 (initial internal pressure 50 KPa)

2.Pneumatic fender 80 (initial internal pressure 80 KPa)




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